Tooth Fairy Tiny Letter & Pillow


It finally happened.  After weeks of twisting, turning, pushing and pulling Ella' very first loose tooth, it finally came out!  Here's the full report. 
About two weeks ago Ella (my almost 8year old) let us know her tooth was loose.  Ever day after that she pulled, tugged, wiggled and moved it. To no avail.  It would not come out.  I noticed a new tooth behind it, trying to find a space to come in so we needed the old tooth out. I pulled. She pulled. Daddy pulled.  We gave her apples and caramel to eat. No lost tooth. 
Even so, I prepared.  On Nov 15th I went with my girlfriends to see the final Twilight movie. We arrived an hour early, so I took a bag filled with supplies and made Ella' a tooth fairy pillow to hold the tooth once it decided to finally let go.  
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 I found this super-cute pattern on the Wild Olive blog to make a tiny version.  I printed it, scanned it, enlarged it and took it with me to the theater. I embroidered the cute little face and added a pocket with an embroidered heart to the back (completed photos later in post)
It was hurting poor Ella every time she tried to eat regular food.  This week I found this letter to the tooth fairy in her room: 
"Dear Tooth Fairy, My tooth has been hurting. Can you fix it or make it come out please? I have a pillow and the pocket with the tooth in it is in the back of the pillow". 
Finally, last night I saw that this poor tooth was hanging on by a thread.  I asked Ella if I could wiggle it. She said sure and came over, dutifully opening her mouth.  I reached in and popped it out!  No pain, no tears no blood.  She was SO happy!  She hung her pillow on the end of her bed and went to sleep.
After she went to bed I started working. I hopped on the computer and made a tiny envelope, including stamp, postmark, dates and address.  I put the Tooth Fairy's return address as "Land of Enchantment" only to be told later by my best friend, Emily, that "Land of Enchantment" is the New Mexico state motto!  I typed a tiny letter from the Tooth Fairy (using this free font).
 I got a bunch of white glitter (having already explained to Ella that the Tooth Fairy uses kids' teeth which she collects to make fairy dust) and poured it into the folded letter before slipping it into the envelope.  I sealed it up, grabbed a crisp $5 bill (we only give $5 for the FIRST tooth, $1 for subsequent teeth) and headed upstairs.  I poured the glitter around her room and into the pocket that held the letter and money.  She slept on...undisturbed. 

  This morning at 5:45 am there were squeals of delight from upstairs.  Ella and Evangeline raced down, filled with excitement to rehearse the morning's discoveries.  Ella remarked, "Mom! Now I know the Tooth Fairy is real because you never could have made such a tiny letter and stamp!" 
Ummm...does she not know me at all?

It was delightful to see the magic and wonder of childhood and faith and believing!


Anonymous said...

how wonderful! what a fun mama you are! so excited for ella!

jillain williams

Stacy said...

Freakin' adorable.

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Jenn said...

I did this for my daughter, but I have to say that I was SO sad that you didn't offer your envelope and a generic letter for sale in your etsy shop. I would have gladly paid for it. Just something to think about doing! I did a hack job, but she still loved it. Thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said...

WIll you put the digital download of the letter and the envelope on the site?