Moving to SIMPLIFY!


When I started this blog I had so many crafts going that I outgrew posting them on my regular blog. It was dominating each week's posts and I felt I needed a dedicated space just for crafts.  Emilie Handmade was born, which would then turn in to Plucky Momo.  
But now my life is much different.  I have had two more children since starting this blog. For a total of FOUR and wowza!...I have my hands full. SO full that my crafting time has greatly diminished and when I DO craft I don't take pictures as I go because I am usually rushed.  
So, I have decided to retire PLUCKY MOMO.  I will leave the site up for the many PINS and archived projects.  If you want to follow along with my crafting and free printables you can join me at 
where you will also get snippets of life, recipes, and other daily hijinks.
I hope you will join me there!