Little Ninja Felt Ornaments


Have you seen the first issue of MAKE IT YOURSELF magazine? Oh, Sweet Judy! It is amazing! 

I picked one up last week and browsed through it, immediately landing on the adorable Ninja Lip Balm Holder designed by Monica Solorio-Snow of The Happy Zombie fame.

I had been thinking of a handmade gift I could make for my friend Maude who has five kids, 4 boys and a baby girl. This was perfect. But not for chapstick...for an ornament!

I scanned the free pattern found in the magazine and re-sized it down to make it the correct size. I added a belt emblem to add an embroidered initial to each ornament as well. I made five of these one evening while watching a movie and they turned out SO CUTE!

Below are the instructions and the altered pattern I designed.  Enjoy!

1 (8x5x11") sheet felt, black
1 (8.5x11") sheet felt, belt color of choice
1 (8x5x11") sheet felt, flesh color
black embroifery floss & needle
6 inches ribbon
craft or fabric glue
ornament pattern (CLICK HERE to download)

1. Cut out all felt pieces 
2. Use black embroidery floss to make eyes on face using a French knot technique (I was afraid, very afraid.  I used the French Knot tutorial found HERE and came away mostly unscathed and with successful french knots). Cover back of face piece with fabric/craft glue and adhere to Ninja body. 
3. Cover back of belt piece with fabric/craft glue and adhere to front Ninja body. Repeat on back side of Ninja body. 
4. Use black embroidery floss to embroider initial onto the small white circle of felt that is the belt emblem. 
 5. Cover back of emblem piece with fabric/craft glue and adhere to Ninja front on top of the belt. 
6. Cut 6“ piece of ribbon, fold in half and tie a knot in loose ends, creating a loop. Use fabric/craft glue to adhere knot to back side of front Ninja piece at the top center of the head. 
7. Sandwich Ninja front and back pieces together. Use black embroidery thread to stitch front and back pieces together, making sure to stitch very well at the top of the head to secure ribbon. 


chris said...


Unknown said...

I got this magazine too, and that is the one thing that I told myself I MUST make from it!! I love yours!

Erinn said...

i have been meaning to comment and thank you so much for this cute pattern! i ended up making 5 of these for christmas. i have 3 boys and one of them is into all things ninja, so they were perfect for our ornaments! thank you so much!!

Gina said...

SO cute! This will be perfect for the "Cousin Gift Exchange" that we have every Christmas. The kids draw names, then we aren't supposed to spend more than $3 and it's supposed to be handmade - I have never successfully stayed under budget. This year is the year! :) What stitch did you use around the edge? Whip stitch? Blanket stitch?

Emilie said...

Gina I just did a simple whip stitch. You could easily do blanket too. You could also just use craft glue!!!

Gina said...

We went super lazy and just used craft glue - and a Sharpie for eyes. Haha! My kids thought it was so cool that they helped make some for themselves. Thanks for the idea!! :)