FREEBIE: Back 2 School Binder Printables


Maybe it's because I am currently 8 months pregnant, but I have the overwhelming urge to be more organized this school year. My daughters just started 3rd grade and 1st grade. I needed a system to keep their important papers, artwork and report cards, all in one place. I got the idea to make a School Year Binder for each. And since school supplies are still at good prices, this is a great time to set one up.

(1) 1 or 1&1/2 inch binder for each school child
(1) set of binder dividers with 5 tabs
  10-20 plastic sleeves
hole punch (optional)
Downloaded binder inserts by Plucky Momo (download link below)

1. Print binder cover page onto un-textured cardstock.  I buy mine from Wal*Mart and it's the perfect weight and super-cheap.

2. Fill out (or let child fill out) binder cover page.  Slip into front of binder.

3. Print School Day Photo page, attach first day photo, and insert it into first page protector in binder OR hole punch the edges and add to binder.

4. Have (or help) child fill out the questionnaire about their first day of school insert it into next page protector in binder OR hole punch the edges and add to binder.

5. Label 5 tabs as follows..

Great Grades: Put completed tests, homework and other projects which received great marks.
Awesome Awards: Certificates from school, grades, sports, etc go here.
Friends & Fun: I will put birthday party invites from school friends, notes from buddies, etc, here.
Report Cards: Place report cards and progress reports here.

Amazing Artwork: Artwork and coloring pages from school.  Be sure to date each item on the back before you insert it into your plastic sleeves.  If an art project is larger than 8.5x11", scan or take a photo of it and print it onto 8.5x11" paper.

(or customize categories to suit your needs).

6. Put these binders in a central place and put papers into them as soon as they return home.  This will ensure you keep everything organized and in place.  Add more page protectors as needed.

7. At the end of the school year take a photo and place it on the School Day Photo page. Have child fill out Last Day of School questionnaire.  Then, flip through the book with your child in the first week of Summer and re-discover the wonderful school year they had!

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