Free Printable: Meal Planner


I have a love/hate relationship with meal planning. I hate doing it, but love when it's done and I feel more control over my week. I figure making a cute template would make the job easier.  This is how I do meal planning; I have a master list of every meal our family regularly eats, divided by proteins and vegetarian.  I pull up that list and pick a meal from each category. I also try and add one new recipe to try each week or two.  Then if we like it, it gets saved and enters the rotation.

I plan the weeks meals and then go day-by-day and write groceries we will need in the right hand column. Then the list goes with me to the store and afterwards, gets hung on the fridge.  It works for us!

Here are some printables I made today.  They print two to a page. Choose black and white or color and just print that page as many times as you would like.  You can cut the page down the center or plan two weeks at a overachiever you!

And because I know some of you will want need color in your list to make this task more fun, here's a color version as well.


Marie said...

I feel the same way about meal planning. But I am NOT good enough to plan my meals for each day. Oh meal planning, you saucy minx!

Unknown said...

Thank you. These are perfect.

Unknown said...

Wow thank you! I love them. Maybe now that I've found ones I like I'll actually start planning haha