Project Life 2013: the Redo Begins


I was totally proud of myself. I was ALL caught up with my Project Life 2013 album in mid-February.  And then, tragedy struck.  Or struck.  One of my kids used too much toilet paper in our 2nd floor bathroom and the overflowing toilet leaked through our ceiling onto our kitchen table where my PL album was  
It was totally destroyed.
 I didn't cry, but I was pretty close. 
Everything I had purchased was gone.
Now, that a few months has passed I heave decided to start again. This time all digital.  I am a bit sad because I really like adding personal ephemera to the pockets, but this seemed a much more do-able method for a redo than pulling out the paper and printing out the photos again from scratch.

And so I am beggining again.
I will post layout updates here as I go along. Wish me luck!
Here's the title page...
"Hello 2013" card by Cathy Zielske
"A is for" card from Press Cards No. 23 kit by Pailsee Press
Heart card from Press Cards No. 21 kit by Paislee Press
"A Happy Family" card from Clearly Stated Vol. 2 kit by Plucky Momo
Arrow Card by Plucky Momo

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