Evangeline's 6th Birthday Invites


Yeah, it's "Birthday Season" at my house.  It drives me a bit crazy.  We have three birthdays in the span of two months and during those two months I am sta-ressed.  Partly because I freakin' love birthdays so I go all out and drive myself to crazy-land.  So really, it's my own fault.
My Evangeline is turning 6 on March 15 and she helped me design these invites.  She was pretty particular about changing my original background designs (retro flowers, chevrons and polka dots) to her preference...diamonds.

I did have the good sense to plan all birthday parties outside of my house this year since we have so many other things going on, a baptism coming up AND out of town guests to boot!

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libbywilko said...

I so understand the birthday stress we have two little boy birthdays in 13 days. The invitations look really fun.