EASY handmade sugar scrub


My girls and I had a Valentine's party this year for their favorite friends and their Mommies (who also happen to be MY favorite friends). We made favor bags for the little girl guests, but I also wanted to make a favor for the Moms. I whipped up this simple sugar scrub for hands as favors. My kids also mixed up their own batches for their school teachers. I saved one of the favors for me and I am IN LOVE! This made my hands so soft and it couldn't be easier.

4 oz. jelly jars with lids (or 4 oz baby food jars with lids)
one bottle liquid handsoap
white granulated sugar
food coloring (optional)
to decorate: twine, small tags, sticker paper, download of printable labels

1. In a small bowl pour 1/2 cup sugar.  Of course, you can make this in a much larger batch and then just divide it into the jars.  

2. Add 1 Tbsp. liquid hand soap.  Choose a soap that is the color you want to go along with your theme and which smells really good.  I used Dial Pomegranate and Tangerine.  I measured this once by counting the "pumps" it took to get 1 Tbsp. and then just pumped it without measuring there after.

 3. Mix well with a spoon.  It's going to feel too dry, but just keep mixing. You want a very tight scrub. If you add too much liquid soap it will separate while in the jar. Yuck.
4. If you want a deeper color to go with a party theme you may add a very small amount of gel food coloring. I used Wilton in mine.  I did test it and it in no way colors your skin. If you choose to deepen the color you want to make one large batch so the color matches in each jar.
5. Spoon by half-cup fulls into your jars.
6. Print sheet of labels (either pink or grey...please don't request custom colors...the grey will match with everything!) Cut around each circle. I free-handed it with scissors, but you can use a punch if you have one.
 7. Place labels on Top of lids and tie the rim with baker's twine (I like the twine made by Pick Your Plum best, but you have to wait for it to come up for sale). Thread small, white tag through the twine before tying the bow.  I wrote Thanks for Coming on my party favors and Handmade by and then had my children hand-write their names onto the tag when using for Teacher Gifts.
Hope you love this project!  It really couldn't be easier and the results are divine.  Click below to download the pdf of my label sheets.  For personal use only. Not for resale.
(This Google Doc is marked SHARE WITH ALL - You do NOT need to email for permission to download and print.)


Amy said...

Thank you! I love it! I need this!

libbywilko said...

Oh I love this! This my girlfriends would love the scrub, might have to make some for her 40th spa party. Thank you.

Unknown said...

How many hats of scrub does this make?

Joey said...

Thank you so much! It is easy to make and the labels ready to use! Love it!