FREE PRINTABLE: Family Love Boxes


I made these love box templates last year for my LDS-themed blog and thought I would share them here for you as well. These can be used at any time, or make them around Valentine's Day and spread some Valentine's love throughout your family! These could easily be used for pre-school classes or other teaching opportunities.

CLICK HERE to download BOY, GIRL or BLANK box templates.

white cardstock
coloring tools (optional)
glue stick or scotch tape

1. Print a box for each family member.
2. Cut out box and love coins.
3. Cut out slot in box lid and add family member's name in the space provided.
4. Use tape or glue stick to construct boxes.
5. On each day choose a family member to highlight and place their box in a prominent place with coins and a pen nearby. Instruct each family member to write something they love about that family member on a coin and place it in the box.
6. At dinner, open the box and read the love coins.
7. Highlight a different family member the next day and repeat steps until each family member has been highlighted.

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