Healthly: Recipes, Tools and Products


As promised, here are some products we love.

1. Whole Grain Goldfish Crackers  Your kids can't tell the difference...promise
2. Veganaise Tastes remarkably like real mayo, but with MUCH less fat. 
3. Hebrew National Reduced Fat Hot Dogs  Won America's Test Kitchen taste test
4. Sugar Free Jell-o Snacks Delicious!
5. Brummel and Brown Spread a tangy butter alternative. I have even baked with it!
6. Neufchatel (Lower fat cream cheese)  No taste difference
7. Low Fat cheese (Sargento makes a few options)
8. Pop Chips Oh. My. Word. These are addictive and delicious!

Out of the Box Food: Fresh Alternatives to Processed Kid's Food A great site filled with recipes, tips and motivation to cut processed food from your diet.  It's very easy to navigate as well. Check out their easy recipes for Homemade Fruit Roll-Ups and the Chewy Dark Chocolate Granola Bars  

Dashing Dish: Healthy Alternatives to the Food you Crave I dare you - DARE you - to go to this site and think for one second that you can't eat delicious food and have it be healthy. Her recipes are healthy, delicious and look amazing!

It's all a process.  Take baby steps with your kids and make these changes as fun as possible. I feel strongly that teaching our kids healthy eating habits is a precious gift we can give them that will last a lifetime. If your kids really fight you, then you know you are doing something right!!!  Keep going and get healthy!

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