The non-P365 approach to Project Life


A few of you have asked me why I haven't shared my Project Life pages for 2012 yet. Yes, title pages and weeks one and two layouts are popping up everywhere. The reason is, although I am doing P365 this year, I am NOT using that to format my Project Life.


Simply put, by month.  I want to add lots of snippets, receipts, tags and journaling to this endeavor (like the pictured photobooth strip from the Hubbs' birthday this week). And I don't want to be limited on space. I also feared that certain weeks we would have a lot going on, while other weeks were more peaceful.

1. I have a file for stuff collected this month.  This file holds our bit and pieces. Drawing the kids made, notes from school, ticket stubs, etc.

2. I am taking at least one photo each day and storing it in my computer by month.  I do not intend to use every single photo I took in my Project Life book.

3. At the end of each month I plan to sit down (after the kids are in bed) with my folder and printed photos from that month.  I will decide what goes into my book.

Note: If a certain month takes up a two page spread. Fine. If it takes three or four pages. Also fine.  I feel this shows the rhythm of life more than confining a span of time into a certain number of pages.

I hope that answers your questions!
I will absolutely be sharing my finished layouts here at the end of the month.

P.S. I am now a blonde.


Jen Strange said...

this is very similar to what I'm doing! I have one more photo to send off to Walgreens, and I'll be able to post my Dec. and Oct. 2011 (I'm doing mine in retrospect . . . and out of order . . . I'm goofy like that.)

Veronica said...

I am taking daily, random pics of my life and creating a digi LO. I am thinking about publishing monthly or quarterly using Shutterfly. Still up in the air on that! Can't wait to see what you do!

Kaisuliina said...

I'm doing my album the same way! I don't take photo per day -I take photos when I feel like it. And I don't give a damn how many pages that takes. My album will be loaded with photos, journaling, drawings, etc. That's my project life!
Amd hey, greetings from Finland! :)

Jill Norwood said...

Wow lots of great husband has brain cancer and we are at the point where we will be losing him shortly...I am trying to record our days and routines so that my little boy who will have questions when he is older will have something to look at. I like the idea of collecting bits and pieces and possibly not sticking to a "week" format....will love looking at what you do.....