my new best friend


Kona Jelly Rolls in 'Snow'. Have purchased 4 in the past month...Yeah. Four.

If you don't know what a Jelly Roll is, in terms of fabrics, it is a collection (usually either 20 or 40) strips of fabric cut to 2.5" wide and 40" long. They make life SO much easier, especially if you are quilting in a more modern style with a lot of white space.  I will be using these to make THIS quilt. See the magic of it all?  I don't have to cut any of the white fabric for that entire quilt. Holla!

If you are interested in purchasing, let me save you some time and stress. I spent WAY too long online comparing prices (including shipping costs) and found the best deal here via eBay. I got my fabric crazy fast and it's cut well.

Stay tuned for some delicious quilts with these jelly rolls at work! I have one ready to share very soon!

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Kristin said...

I love that you did all the work for this. I HATE cutting fabric and totally will use this link.
Thanks :-)