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My husband's Grandmother, Yvonne, had a stroke on Mother's Day of this year.  It has affected her memory and she has been recently working on identifying family and loved ones in photos.
The family asked if someone would volunteer to make a photo book for her with simple pictures and names of her family  I volunteered....then I realized we had a lot more family members than I realized!
After all was counted up we have a grand total of 78 family members.  This includes Grandma and Grandpa's 7 children, their spouses, children and children's children.  Whew!

I have been diligently compiling, labeling and printing photos coming to me via email from all over the Country.  And then, two weeks ago, our external hard drive crashed.  And all of our family's photos were temporarily lost (a $900 fix is in our future).  So, this week I took pictures of each of our family members to add to the book...
The Hubbs



now to dye my hair and snap a photo of myself!


Lorraine R. said...

You have a beautiful family! Our hard drive has crashed in the past, which led us to purchasing an external hard drive. From what I understand, it's separate from the computer, so when the computer crashes, your external drive won't. All of our pictures now go on there, along with anything else that we don't want to lose. I hope that you can recover those pics without spending 900 big ones!!!

Emilie said...

Lorraine It WAS our external hard drive which crashed. Apparently, they crash all the time!