Something Splendid


I have a friend named Liz. Now, if you don't know Liz you might be intimidated. She is gorgeous...GORGEOUS. Creative. Has impecible taste in clothes and everything else and is an amazing scrapbooker (oh yeah, and she's also my Music Twin). Knowing all that, you might want to hate her just a little bit. But you just can't. Because she is also sweet, nice, fun and generous. So instead, you end up loving her, despite her apparent perfection.

And all of this perfection and creative talent is translated into classes for mere mortals like you and I. Liz is the founder of Something Splendid, an online source for creative classes. Her newest class is a THANKFUL JOURNAL. It will be a perfect way to celebrate November up until the Thanksgiving holiday. This Thankful Journal has room for 10 photos to showcase the blessings in your life, as well as room to share why those things are important to you.

Seriously, start by watching this video. It will inspire you to be more grateful. I promise.

To get all of the details on this class click here.

Today I am thankful for: Hair Dye. Seriously. You have NO idea how grey a 34 year old can be until you see me 8 weeks since my last run-in with a home Clairol kit.

Let's start this Autumn season off right!
Leave a comment and let me know what you're thankful for.

P.S. Img used withOUT permission.
But, you read that first paragraph, right?
I think she'll forgive me.


Merrilee said...

If I were Liz, I'd forgive you! In fact you reminded me to thank all my amazing friends for their inspiration. I am thankful.....that my 8 year old still wants to snuggle with hubby and I! I know that won't last forever! Love your blog- thanks for the giveaways!

Brenda Sanchez said...

How nice of you to host a giveaway,Emilie! I enjoy your blog.

Bridget said...

Thanks for the giveaway Emilie! I love your blog (and your taste in music). I would love to win the quilting book as quilting is next on my bucket list. I turned 40 last month and have been trying as many new things from my bucket list as I can. I learned to sew and bake some amazing recipes...quilting is next :) Thanks for the inspiration!!

Lorraine R. said...

This is unrelated to your post, but I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your playlist <3 the quirky song picks make me smile! I love just pulling up your page and listening as I go about my work (of course after I have read your post for the day)