homemade costumes past


{ 2006 }
I just had one child. Ella wanted to be a Fairy Princess. I made everything but the wand.

{ 2007 }
Ella's was store bought. Eva was....drumroll please....Eva Las Vegas
C'mon....how CUTE is this?  100% homemade.

{ 2008 }
Ella's was store bought.  
But Evangeline's was a re-fashion from a flower girl dress 
(which I made) into a Woodland Sprite.

{ 2009 }
If you can't guess by now, I save myself the head-ache and usually just home make ONE Halloween costume each year.  Ella's was a eBay-bought cheerleader and Eva's was a home-made Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl.

{ 2010 }
Last year I gave birth to Bianca on Oct 14th via C-section.
Ella and Evangeline both wore store-bought costumes from Costco.
A much-needed break!

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Emily said...

The eva las vegas. I die. And Jessie! I looove it.