Blog Neglect


Yep, it's almost been a month.
And yes, crafting has halted in that time
while we dealt with "real life", 
which, as you know, 
is not nearly as fun
as crafting!
No worries.
October is filled with crafting obligations I am finishing
up and will share with you here.
Including some homemade Halloween Costumes 
being finished up right now.

Are YOU homemaking Halloween this year?


Unknown said...

I am making Halloween costumes this year! 4 yo is going to be Ghostrider and 1 yo is going to be a minion. You just can't find those costumes in the store!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back! Life does take presidence but were still here.
I just love your site!
ps the costumes are Darling!I will post ours once done.