"Sew Simple" Patterns - yes please !


I was in Wal*Mart today, looking for a swimming cover-up for our coming trip to Hilton Head and I walked by the craft section (naturally).  And I spotted something extraordinary!

A collection of simple sewing patterns, with just one project per pattern,
for .99 each.
I usually purchase sewing patterns for just one of the looks anyway and this makes a very affordable option.  Sure, you can find tutes online on making your own patterns out of your existing clothing, but sometimes it's scary to sew an entire project without really knowing if you drafted the pattern correctly. Am I right?

I bought two of these SewSimple patterns and will let you know how well/easily they sew up.


j*e*n said...

I'm trying to learn to sew, so thanks for the reviews of the patterns. They give me something to add to my To-Do list when the sewing machine & I figure out how to be friends. :)

Unused Account said...

Jen - I'm a slef taught sewist, so I totally feel you. I found that just diving in to patterns and trying was my best teacher. Although...I had a LOT of failures!