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This month has been crazy so far and when life gets crazy there is less time for crafting.  Baby Bianca is about to begin walking and the other girls are restless for school to begin.  We are also preparing for our Summer Vacay to North Carolina this Saturday and the visit with fun friends that comes with it!

I have been doing a lot of custom digital work and thought I would share a new printable poster that I just listed in the Momo Prints shop on Etsy...

Completely custom with your own birth story and baby stats.
CLICK HERE to buy!


Jami said...

What a fantastic idea!!! Such a cute layout :D

Veronica said...

very cute, but, umm, you MIGHT wanna check out a spelling error for Isaac Jeremy. The color of his hair!
Sorry. I'm anal about those things! LOL
Might have to consider a Mountain pic with mine! Off to go looksy!