Reader Feature


Jami emailed me about taking my Up Close Picture Challenge (as seen here).  Here's what she wrote on her blog.

A while ago I came across this blog... Plucky Momo. I love her style and her tips... Anyways she had this post a while back about getting up close when you take pictures... I have some pictures of L like that but it was never really my objective... Well yesterday L and I were playing on the floor and I decided to give it a go... I took about 20 or so pictures and came out with a few that turned out pretty fun!... Now my 9 month old really wanted to grab the camera and wouldn't just let me snap pictures of his perfect eyes... so needless to say most of mine are a little crazy :D
Jami shared a bunch of her photos. Here is my favorite... 

And because I couldn't help myself I used Photoshop to make it Black and White and up the contrast a bit.

Frame that and call it fine art!

Thanks for sharing, Jami!  I loved your results!


Veronica said...

You should be FLATTERED!! Love what you did with the BW photo. Eyes have that "twinkle" to it!! Angelic really.

Holly Denghel said...

Oh wow ... turning it B&W really brings out the sparkle in his eyes. Gorgeous!

The Dooley Family said...

I tried the close-up thing too and I was very impressed with what it did to my pictures of my 8 month-old! He's into diving towards the lens these days, so he helps me out in that way :o)