Dollar Tree . . . you . complete . me .


I went to Dollar Tree yesterday and got some amazing items.
Did you know they sell kids' swimsuits?
Yep, they do.  Like this one being modeled by Bianca.

you didn't think she could be in such a cute
swimming suit with her tongue IN...did you?

Here's what else I snagged...

1. Anchor Swimsuit for Zoe F. in a 3T (We have our own in 18-24 months).

2. Mini Casserole/Ramekins (heading back on Payday to snag 6 in red).  They are 4" square and my Dollar Tree also has the same ones in ovals and rounds.  I mean, individual mac-n-cheese, berry cobbler, creme brule....the mind races with individual portion possibilities!

3. Geisha inspired piggy banks for the girls. C'mon...tell me if you saw these banks of Etsy you wouldn't pay $15 for them. Because I would.
Plus more goodies I will likely post about later...
because I'm obsessive like that.  If the apocalypse comes,
I am seeking shelter in the nearest Dollar Tree.
I'm just sayin'.


Veronica said...

PAHLEEEEEEEZE!!! Dollar Tree is THE secret place you don't want ANYONE else to know about!! LOL
I've totally snagged COOL items from mine! Sad though, they no longer carry the "Miss Elizabeth" scrap stuff or ANY scrap stuff for that matter!! boo

Anonymous said...

Hi Emilie,
I forget which blog I found you through, but I ADORE you! From the name (P&F is our fav right now) to your a-mazing Despicable Me party (I even downloaded the font!)

Anyway, thanks for what you do!!

(and I have to say, I'm really hoping to score something w/ Candace on it when we take my son School Shopping--everything else I've seen is all boy stuff--let me know if you see anything!)

Unknown said...

I went into the dollar tree in our town to grab some sunday papers for my couponing. I ended up seeing all things Hawaiian and I decided to throw a spur of the moment luau.....the Dollar Tree ended up being the 75 dollar tree.....needless to say, I am not allowed to go back!

Jenn said...

hey! we bought Bryn's swimsuit at a dollar store too! haha, best store ever!