this week...


i am busily making about a gazillion of these in various sizes and colors.
some attached to pin backs.
some attached to headbands.
some clustered together on barrettes.

this one is a generous 4.5" across.
wouldn't you just love to pin that onto the lapel of your cutest jacket?

heading to a craft fair this thursday with these in tow.
left over inventory will hit my etsy shop this friday!


ninasays said...

Uuuh, super duper lovely! How did you make those? Did you use heat to curl the edges?

Veronica said...

Umm, where's the Tut???? Would LOVE to know how to make these. That color is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!

em-il-ie said...

I can't share a tute...I am selling them in my Etsy shop this weekend! :)

jill said...

Those are super darling! good luck!!