life among the amish means....


slowing down for buggies.
learning not to take photos no matter how cute the amish kids on the tire swing are.
and tons of little shops displaying amazing, handmade quilts like this one....

i spotted it in a small quilt shop in bird-in-hand, pa.
it was hanging on a rack, so i asked the nice amish woman if i could take it down and take a picture.
she happily obliged and we chatted for a while as i snapped away
and dreamed of having $700 to purchase this exact quilt. 

a few tidbits of info about traditional amish quilts...
- they are sewn on sewing machines. sometimes pedal and sometimes electric.
- they are made only using pieces of fabric leftover from the clothing the family makes.
- if pink is in the quilt you know the family has a little girls, since adult amish women do not wear pink.
- there is no yellow or orange in amish quilts...those colors are considered vain.
side note: a life without orange? i cringe!
- although the quilt top is pieced on a machine, the actual quilting of the layers together (using intricate patterns) is done entirely by hand.  yep, every little stitch...hence the $700 price tag.

 isn't it divine?

i would love to know if there is a history of quilting in YOUR area of the country/world?


the emily said...

Wow. That pattern is amazing! I wonder why yellow and orange are vain? And I wonder why they would sew tops with a machine and not do the quilting that way? Weird. But sooo beautiful.

Jenny said...

I MISS AMISH COUNTRY! Thanks a bunch for all of the amish quilting info. So interesting.

Adriana said...

We live in Wyomissing and I love going over to Amish country. The quilts are always so amazing. I love the handmade furniture and the food too!