Happy Holidays!


I've got some great things planned for this blog
now that the baby is getting older,
our life is getting back to normal
and the holidays are upon us. 

Stay tuned for some fun holiday themed crafts, crafty guest bloggers, unbiased craft book reviews (to help you get your wish list in order) and quilty goodness.

So be sure to check in all through December.
It's gunna be a very good finish to 2010!


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the emily said...

ooh, fun! I had 3 50% off one item coupons to Jo-Ann's for yesterday. I was going to go get one of those big cutting boards, a rotary cutter, and a big ruler thing so I could make Zoe's quilt for Christmas. And then the Jack Klompos HOA thing kicked in. Two pipes burst in our condo and flooded several units and I spent the rest of the day dealing with that! And now the coupons are expired. Bah humbug.