Wanna Join my Quilting Bee?


What is a Virtual Quilting Bee?
(exerpts from the genius blog Quilting Bee Blocks)

The basic Virtual Quilting Bee is made up of 12 people who are each assigned a separate month as their month to be the recipient of the blocks. The bee will run then for a year, with each person taking turns making blocks for for everyone else 11 months, and one month sending fabric out and receiving their own blocks back.  

My Bee is only running for 6 months and therefore only needs six members.  You will be making 2 blocks for each person in the bee.  But otherwise it will run in the same manner.

When it is a month you are just making blocks for someone else: sit back and relax while you wait for their envelope to come in the mail.  When you get the fabric, read the directions the person sent (or posted online somewhere) about what they want their blocks to be. Sew blocks. Mail it back to them.

When it is a month you are sending out fabric: figure out what kind of blocks you want everyone to make you. select fabric (aka stress over fabric selection). print out or post online directions/inspirations for your blocks. mail out your fabrics to your bee members. wait for finished blocks to start arriving in the mail back to you! 
Check out the STITCH SIX Bee group on Flickr here...
Please be aware, that blocks for this group should not exceed a beginner/intermediate skill level. I want Modern fabrics and cool block designs for this bee.
Wanna join?  PM me via FLICKR. 
Spots are first come first serve, so hurry!

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