Tutorial : No Tie Shoelaces


Being 8 months pregnant, I can't help my toddlers tie their shoelaces.

I have been avoiding lace up shoes for this reason for months, but when we found these adorable sneakers on sale we couldn't pass them up. I made these no tie shoelaces so my 3 year old can get these easily on and off by herself and they stay on her little feet perfectly.

- 1 pair sneakers
- 24-36 inches of 1/4" wide elastic
- scotch tape
- scissors
- Aleen's "OK To Wash It" glue
- 2 small hair clips or clothes pins

1. Remove original shoelaces.
2. Measure out 12 inches of elastic. (this may vary depending on the chubbiness of your child's feet.)
3. Fold the very end in half and wrap with a small amount of scotch tape to make a pinched end. Repeated with each end of elastic.

4. Lace shoes with elastic, making sure to lace them evenly. Repeat with second shoe. Remove tape from ends.

5. Pull laces very tightly at bottom of shoe so you have plenty of free elastic at the top to work with.
6. Add a generous amount of glue (1/2" long) to the end of one of the laces. Lightly press other lace onto glue.

7. Tie bow out of piece of elastic. Squeeze glue into center of bow to secure.
8. Add dot of glue to top of joined laces and use a small hair clip or clothes pin to secure bow. Repeat with other shoe.

9. Set aside and let glue dry for at least 24 hours.

10. Loosen laces at bottom so there is an equal amount of elastic from bottom to top lace holes.
Wear as usual. Should be able to be sent through the wash without problem. Air dry.


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

This is a very interesting idea!

Kim G said...

So clever. Very impressed!

Erica said...

This is such a great idea! I am going to do this!

taidyeoriginal said...

I LOVE this idea! I will be stealing...errr....borrowing this one!

taidye original

Dalon said...

you ROCK!!!! so creative - what a great idea!!!! thanks for sharing ;-)

The Loops said...

I love this idea! I am definitely going to make them for my niece. I gave you an award over at my blog. Check it out!


Jenny said...

So smart! I totally didn't even realize that it was elastic in the shoe instead of shoelaces until I read the tutorial. You're so clever Emilie

Erin @ Two More Seconds said...

You are so smart! Great idea! :]

Dana (*danavee*) said...


Kristin said...

So clever! And it still looks cute. Elastic laces, I think you've invented something.

livelovely said...

Hi! I stumbled upon your through I am momma hear me roar, who I found through Made. Anyways, this is a wonderful idea! Anything that makes life simpler. I was looking for something for my 6 year old who is still learning to tie and frankly, sometimes we don't have time to tie a show. We just want go out and play!

Two Shades of Pink said...

You have no idea how timely this clever little tute is. You genius you.