Saturday Spotlight


I recently stumbled onto this amazing website and it has made me want to run to Home Depot and purchase power tools like nothing else.

Ana from the site Knock Off Wood easily breaks down how to build and finish your own knock offs of designer furniture. She includes easy-to-follow downloadable blueprints and step by step instructions. You will just be amazed at the beautiful furniture not only Ana, but also her readers, can create with little or no experience.

First on my to-make list? Melinda's Bankable Bookcase inspired by this one made by The Land of Nod.

And here is just a glimpse at the plans Ana provides. But you really MUST read the full directions to get a feel for how simply she breaks it down for you. It really makes me feel like I can do it! And, of course, the best part is how inexpensively you can make her projects for. She gives you tips on choosing woods, pricing, finishes, etc.

She makes plans for everything from beds, to tables, to entryway storage systems and everything in betwee. This really is an amazing site!  I am compeltely inspired.
What would YOU make first?


the emily said...

That is AWESOME. And what's even better is my dad has all those tools and knows how to work them, so he could show me how. He even has a compressor so I wouldn't have to hammer nails or hand-paint. Dude.

Rebecca said...

Seriously, that is so cool! My husband is either going to hate you or me:) Thanks for the post!

Jenny said...

Wow. This chick is seriously talented.

Ana White said...

Thanks so much for featuring Knock-Off Wood! I love your blog!

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Her plans really are easy to follow--we've already made some knockoff Pottery Barn bookcases!

~ Sarah

John & Jennifer Savage said...

Okay I know this makes me sound like a loser, but me too!! I found her website a few weeks ago by searching for that very bookshelf! I just don't have the tools for it. But someday... I just love the bins at the bottom