Chic Heating Pad Cover


A while back I made this heating pad cover.
Isn't this just the cutest thing ever?
I can't wait to have an injury or become a really old lady.

I know what you're thinking...won't it set on fire?
Because I lined it with the original polyester cover.

All you do is trace your current cover, but make it 5/8" larger than the orginal cover on the sides and the bottom and leave 1.5 inches hem along the top.  Sew around edges right sides together, leaving the entire top portion open.  Fold down top and sew as if it were a hem and attach velcro closure by sewing along the hemmed top.  Voila!


Bring on the aches and pains!


the emily said...

CUTE. I should seriously do that, 'cause I've been using my heating pad a lot lately.

Nathalie said...

Very cute! I love the fabric!

Jenny said...

I LoVe that. The fabric is cute and what a cute idea! lol right now I want it sent my way.

Mom said...

Yep…it’s official, the heating pad cover is BRILLIANT!!!!