Tutorial: Stay, Duvet!


There's nothing I like more than a big, fluffy, down alternative blanket. (Yes, I am allergic to duck and geese feathers!) And loving down comforters means duvet covers. But, the overwhelming and glaring problem is...say it along with me....all together now...

The Blanket always bunches in the duvet cover!

Yes, it's the eternal struggle.
But I have a solution.

- 7 hook and eye closures (purchased in the Notions section of your craft store) They look just like the clasps on a standard bra and come in different metal colors and covered on fabric as shown below...

- strong white sewing thread
- needle for hand sewing
- tape measure
- pencil or other fabric marking item

1. Turn duvet cover inside out and lay it on the floor.

2. Measure each side of the cover and then mark the middle (as shown below). You can just use a regular old pencil for this. If your duvet cover has a slit opening along the bottom, you do not need to mark the middle point of the bottom edge.

3. Next do the same for your comforter (omitting the bottom edge again if you did in Step 1).

4. Thread your hand sewing needle with sturdy white thread and sew "hooks" onto the comforter at each mark and also at each corner (as shown above).

5. Sew "eyes" (or loops) onto the inside out duvet cover at each mark and also at each corner.

When you're ready to fill your duvet cover with the blanket follow these steps...

1. Lay duvet cover inside out on floor or across bed.

2. Lay comforter on top and attach each hook.

3. Carefully take lower layer of comforter and slide it up and over your laid out comforter until it is right side in (as shown below).
4. Tie bottom of duvet cover as usual and enjoy a restful night with NO bunching blankets!


princessica said...

this is such a great idea! A fantastic solution for when that anoying duvet slips around, and my man ends up with all the cozy cushy duvet, and I end up with just the duvet covering, YOU KNOW THE SHEET? thanks for putting an end to that problem!
x's and o's!

Anonymous said...

I worked for a lady who purchased LARGE plastic snaps in New York for me to sew to her duvet AND comforter to keep them together. No lumps, no rust. Same idea as hooks and eyes. However I can only find small plastic snaps in the sewing notions. I will keep looking for the large ones.

Anonymous said...

What size are the hook and eyes? I saw smaller metal ones and then large (2.99 a piece) ones.

Emilie said...

I have used the standard bra size hooks before and it's fine. It's just easier to hook the comforter in with the larger hooks. You can really use any size. I just find the fabric covered hooks slightly easier to work with.