Long Distance Baby Shower: Planning


So, my bestest friend, Emily Foley, is expecting her third baby. Her first two are boys and she never really had a proper baby shower yet. Now, every Mommy deserves to have a proper baby shower...am I right? And I figured better late than never.

So I planned, coordinated, designed, mailed and assigned from 2,000 miles away. And this weekend is the big day. I am going to share with you (over two posts) how I planned and threw the shower for her from Pennsylvania.

Step 1 - Recruit a willing party planning liaison in Utah. Emily and I have a wonderful mutual friend named Alison. I contacted Ali about 3 months back and asked if she would "throw" the shower for Emily Foley and help coordinate on her end. She agreed! Phase one complete. Ali and I then wrangled a party planning committee of sorts including Emily's other friend and Emily's Mom. Now we had a team...ready to party!

Step 2 - Pick a theme. Emily wanted a very frilly and feminine party, so I chose "Posies and Polka-Dots" as the theme for this shower. She also wanted pink to be involved, and I like a two color scheme, so I chose one of Emily's other favorite colors...orange. Next, I planned out decor and food choices that could fit into the theme and color scheme.

I drafted a document that looked like this....

Posies and Polka-Dots Baby Shower
Color Scheme: pink and orange and white.

Pink and Orange Gerber daisies in mis-matched clear glass vases
White table cloth with pink runner or wide pink polka-dotted ribbon
Hanging white tissue balls from the ceiling.

Chicken salad croissant sandwiches

Fresh orange slices and fresh strawberries dipped in white chocolate.
Pink strawberry lemonade / water
white cupcakes with white frosting and a cupcake topper

Sweet treat mix in white paper bag with custom label.

Step 3 - Make Assignments. We got an email going between the planners and divided up assignments based on which assignments would be the easiest and most logical for each person to fill. We got everything assigned in a hurry and I got on to step 4.

Step 4 - Design the Invites. I browsed through some invites online and found some great inspiration for these ones. The style was so completely Emily that this was the clear winner. I whipped these up in Photoshop in under a half hour. Then I collected the mailing list from Emily and stuffed and addressed the invites and mailed them from here. However, I made the return address Emily's address, so if an invite went missing or returned she would get it and be aware of whose was missing.

I drew up a quick map with directions to Emily's house and included it in the invites. I found these cute little graphic envelope seals at Staples for $2/20 pack.

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the emily said...

I love you.

Jenny said...

so much work and so adorable. How awesome for you to do that, especially from 2,00 miles away

Michelle McClure said...

That is so beautiful! They turned out great! Where did you have them printed?

Unused Account said...

I printed them on my home printer! Which is a good old $60 model.