Tomorrow is Baby Day!


Well, tomorrow is the day!

In case anyone is wondering...we are NOT ready.  I still have no hospital bag packed. The bassinet is still in its box. The diaper bag still has tags on it. But, whatever.  Did I expect anything different from myself? Nope.

I am all giddy excitement.

I took each of the older girls on a one-on-one Mommy Date over the weekend.  That is far more important than packing the hospital bag (which I will do today, of course).

Tomorrow we get the redheads on their bus at 8:40 am and then drop Bianca at our friend, Stacy's, house at 9:30 am.  Matt and I will get to the hospital at 10 am and little boy will arrive around noon. We'll have a few hours to get settled and then Matt will head home to pick up Ella and Eva from their bus stop at 3:45 pm, pick up Bianca, and bring these girls to the hospital to meet their new baby brother.

Tomorrow is supposed to storm with heavy rain.  My favorite weather! 
Baby boy + rainy day + final pregnancy....Could anything be better?

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Laura said...

How wonderful Emilie! A boy! YAY! I hope all goes well. Congrats to your family on your new arrival ;-)