Pattern Review: The Skipper Top


I was asked recently to test a new knit top pattern, THE SKIPPER TOP, by Abby from Sew Much Ado. I was really excited because...
1. Knits scare me
2. I hate the awful screen-printed tops out there for little girls.  I don't want my 6-year-old to be a 100% Drama Queen or a Little Diva. Sheesh!
3. I saw an awesome upcycyling opportunity with this easy pattern (more on that later in the post).

I downloaded the pdf of the pattern and let me start by telling you what was awesome about it BEFORE I even started sewing.

1. The pattern is professionally made and graded. I have bought hand drawn patterns from online sewists before and I love the straighter lines, smoother curves and easier read of professionally made patterns.
2. There is a size gauge square. Awesome. printers are tricky and sometimes printers print items whatever size they want. With this pattern there is no guessing.
3. The pattern tells you exactly which pages you need to print for the shirt options/size you chose. Love.
4. There are match-up arrows for each page so you know, for sure, you are taping the printed pages together properly. You have no idea how much my pregnant mind needed this!
5. There are instructions for serger and non-serger sewists! Bonus!

Okay, now to the pattern. There are TONS options. Different neckline, length, sleeve length and styles are all included. Awesome. The directions were clear and easy to understand and Abby gives you LOTS of hints to having a successful KNIT sewing experience. If you're scared, like I was, this pattern is a great place to start.

Here's what I sewed up for my kids...

For Ella (8 years old) I made this cute tee from a fabric she chose. It was some sort of poly/cotton blend so it was a great place to start since it's not WAY stretchy. I loved that the pattern pieces had included guides on which way to lay the fabric ("stretchiest side this direction") so I knew exactly how to cut.  After an evening of sewing I had this...

And the next day I had a VERY happy 8 year old.

Next came a try at UPCYCLING.  I had a shirt that I saved from before I lost weight that was a Womens 26/28 tee.

When I laid the pattern out I folded the shirt straight down the middle/front to cut the front pattern piece along the fold. Then did the same for the back.  With some easy sewing (it was much more quick after the first go) I had a great little 3T top for Bianca, my almost 3 year old.  Sorry, I don't have pics of her modeling it yet, but they're coming soon!
And I am now a full-fledged addict, people.  I went to Joann Fabrics today and scored four more knits from their clearance section to make into the Skipper Top.  I love how easy and customizable it is.  And the little pocket? Adorable!

Hop on over to SEW MUCH ADO and snag this pattern. You won't be sorry and you may just become and addict like me!

Happy Sewing!


Marie said...

So cool, love the fun pattern. You are much more adventurous than me! I especially live the upcycled tee!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Really adorable pattern! I agree, too many girls clothes are WAY too sexy, or ridiculous. I loved both of these shirts. And what a great idea to upcycle one of your old shirts!!!

Becky said...

Adorable! I'm off to buy that pattern now!

Tiffany said...

I actually like yours better... with the mixed poly/cotton blend. It just has an older, more mature look about it which may be why Ella loves it so much! Can't wait to see what else you're doing!

em said...

Oh those are so cute! I need like five of those shirts in my life! They look so comfortable. Looks like a great pattern. I wish that I dared to try.

Kristin said...

I love the banded sleeves and bottom. I am scared of knits also.

Samantha Sews said...

This pattern looks like just what I need!

Amy said...

Super cute! Love the pattern(s) you used! The sleeve length is great on this top too!

Amy said...

I love the band around the arm and the bottom of the top.
can you make me one please? ;)