Friday Night Glamour


It's after 11 pm on a Friday night and this glamorous girl is at the kitchen table, mending jeans for the family. I always have a spool of thread and bobbin in my sewing kit that is a match of that distinct yellow-tan color of classic denim stitching.

First was cropping a pair of my maternity jeans into capri-length because it's freaking HOT here in PA.

Next up was the hand-me-down jeans that went from my oldest, Ella, to her little sister, Evangeline, and came with a sizable hole in one knee. Evangeline asked if we could make the patch cute. Of course! She also wanted them made into capri-length.

I used the cut off bottom piece to make a heart to cover the hole in the knee. I anchored it with two rows of rough stitching for a funky look. I think she'll be happy tomorrow morning.

It's a glamorous life I lead.

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