homemade boston shirts for my kids


our family we went to boston for spring break this year. we have good friends who live in a boston suburb and we planned on a visit during the week of the boston marathon.  my older girls were DYING to buy a cheaply-made, over-priced, souvenir shirt from a seedy street vendor. sadly, our day in the heart of boston was filled with machine guns and closed streets and we never saw a shirt vendor.

my kids were so sad. i promised them we could MAKE them awesome boston shirts when we got home and that's just what we did.

the older girls helped design their shirts, ella choosing hearts and evangeline choosing butterflies to commemorate our trip to the science museum. i made bianca a shirt with a robot from our day at the science festival.

i designed the shirts in the SCAL software and then i broke out the trusty cricut expression and some freezer paper. an iron, fabric paint and 20 minutes later we had three shirts ready to dry over night. 
 the next morning was epic! they were so excited about their shirts, especially bianca who spent the day grinning at her chest and saying "bo-bot".
( ella's on top, evangeline's on the bottom. )

( bianca's bo-bot shirt. )

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