threading my serger: yesterday's ordeal


I have had a serger (a Brother 1034D) for almost three years now. And I haven't used it even once. You know why? It became un-threaded when I was setting it up and my fear of re-threading it kept me from using it for this long. Lame, right?

Yesterday I decided it was happening.

My manual was in the craft room with a sleeping toddler (who shares the room, trapped in a crib) so I tried to thread it using only the illustrations on the machine itself. Bad idea.

This resulted in a lovely wrapping of thread around a metal bar within the machine.
Serger: 1 - Emilie: 0

I then went onle and downloaded the manual. Sitting right at my computer screen and following the instructs step-by-step. No bueno.
Serger: 2 - Emilie: 0

Next I went to YouTube where I found this video by ArtistkaeSewing. This time I sat right at my computer screen and followed the instructs step-by-step.


If you have a Brother Serger you NEED to Pin this video.  
This woman saved my life tonight!!!  Well, or helped me thread my serger.


MollyMJ said...

thank you!!! I'll pin this video cuz Im gonna buy Brother serger too. Thx!!

Opal @ Playing With Fiber said...

I love my Brother 1034D, I received it last Saturday and since that time I've used it to create some serged seams. The serged seams look amazing.

I didn't have a problem following the diagram to thread the machine correctly. I did it correctly on my first try, but not everyone finds it easy to do so I can see how a video would be helpful. I'm glad you were able to successfully thread your machine.