Simple Solution: Game Piece Bag


I am a little OCD about game pieces. Okay, a lot OCD.

When I was young I would have special rubber bands, that I actually bought with my allowance, that I would use to make the game cards organized. Especially when it came to Monopoly. Communinty Chest cards...bundled. Chance cards...bundled. Property cards...bundled. Money...bundled. Game pieces in baggies.

So, today when I sat down to play Sorry for the first time with my kids I was appalled that there was no organization system. Not even a sad, little, white, cardboard box! Sheesh.

When we finished playing I spotted my sewing machine on the floor next to the Dining Room table (because I'm messy like that) and I got a great idea. I sewed a straight stitch up the middle of the ziplock baggie. Then the cards slipped perfectly into one side and the game pieces in the other. Brilliant! (if I do say so myself) 

I may or may not be obsessively sewing ziplock baggies for the next hour or two.  So don't call me, I'm busy.


stevie kay said...

This is brilliant! We're a big game playing family and my hubby and I go nuts when there are pieces all over. Thanks so much for sharing!

libbywilko said...

Love it !

Amie said...

well my type A personality with a touch of OCD thrown in really really loves this.

Jenny said...

bright idea!

kate blue said...

I thought I was the only one who did this..I save cute little drawstring bags that jewelry comes in for dice and small pieces!

paperseed said...

Ha! Great idea! My wheels are totally spinning after seeing this. :-)