USA Flag patriotic craft


It's election day in the USA and all of Facebook, television and Instagram is filled with politics and persuasive rhetoric. I chose to use this day (when my kids are off school) to talk to them about the right to vote and it's blessings. We sat down together and did this patriotic craft. It was loads of fun. 
Note: This craft is best for ages 5 and up.
- print out of American Flag craft page (click here to open printable pdf)
- red tissue paper
- blue tissue paper
- white tissue paper
- white glue, craft glue or mod podge
- pencil with eraser
- scissors
- card stock (optional)

1. Print out flags onto card stcok (or plain white paper if desired)
2. Cut page in half so you have two flags. Give one to each crafter.
3. Use scissors to cut tissue paper into 1.5" squares.  I used tissue packs from the Dollar Tree.
 4. Pour glue onto white paper plate and spread so it's in a thin layer.

5. Take one piece of tissue paper and wrap it around pencil eraser, folding the sides around the pencil shaft.

6. Pinch edges of paper to secure and dip eraser end into glue.

 7. Place pencil eraser onto picture, pressing lightly and pull pencil straight up.

8. Continue until picture is completely covered.

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Unknown said...

We are doing this at our patriotic party next month with 12 kids :)