this blogging break brought to you by . . .


my hubby's new job | moving in early july | a two week trip to utah | unpacking | sucking at unpacking | realizing while unpacking that i may have a hoarding problem | a summer reading program for my daughter who is struggling | prepping two little girls to be "the new girl" this school year |  still unpacked crafting boxes | one crashed hard drive | back to school night | volunteering for the PTO | canning summer veggies while they are in season |  a family wide flu | a horrid cold
don't worry.  i feel the chaos starting to lift.
just in time to whip up a homemade halloween costume for my little bianca.
and a whole lot more crafty goodness.
i promise.


libbywilko said...

Glad to see you back :)

Jenny said...

Looking forward to seeing your crafty goodness!