Live Well Wednesday: Pop Chips


i want you to stop what you are doing this minute and go find, buy and devour some POP CHIPS. i did not realize these were healthy when i saw them in grocery stores and then they were a tester at our local Sam's Club and we tried them. they were amazing. seriously.

here's what is so great about them:
- no fake colors
- no fake flavors
- no preservatives
- never baked
- never fried

wanna see how they are made?
me too.
watch this...

but you know how those Lays Baked Chips are disgusting? DIS-GUSTING. these are totally and utterly delicious. i promise. my kids loved them. we all loved them. 

our family did a POP CHIP CHALLENGE where we bought a bag of every flavor and taste-tested them.  the kids and i loved Sour Cream & Onion, but found the Cheddar flavor weird.  Sea Salt & Vinegar were good, but not tangy enough for me.  And we ALL love the Original flavor.

click here to find a store near you that sells POP CHIPS (Target carries them).

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emily @morefromthemoorefamily said...

really like pop chips... I still like me some "real" potato chips, but they are great! I bought the multi-flavor pack on Amazon and we get to try all kinds of flavors!! yum!