Healthy Helps: Easy Grilled Pizza Thins


This recipe was born out of sheer desperation.  Lunch time with no car and not many groceries in the house. It turned out to be a HUGE hit!  My kids loved it and so did I.  Serve with a nice green salad and you have a great and healthy lunch for the family.  And each of these grilled pizzas is just 215 calories!  Holla!

1 (100% whole wheat) sandwich thin
2 Tbs. jarred red sauce
1/2 slice turkey ham (or regular deli ham)
1/4 c. part skim mozzerella, shredded fresh veggies fresh basil (optional) counter top grill

1. Plug in counter top grill to preheat.
2. Slice up your veggies. I used what we had on hand so it was mushrooms and onions for us.  Place them on the grill and close lid...NO OIL NEEDED.

3. Slice up ham and shred cheese. 4. Break apart two side of Sandwich Thin. Spread 1 T. of sauce on each side.
5. Sprinkle on half of your cheese. 6. Remove grilled veggies from grill.
7. Add meat, grilled veggies and remaining cheese. Put top on and place on grill.
8. Cook until cheese is melted. 9. After cooking, I lift my top sandwich then and add fresh basil to mine. It makes ALL the difference. ENJOY!

Sandwich Thins = 100
2 T. red sauce = 20
1/2 sliced turkey ham = 15
1/4 c. part skim mozz cheese = 80
grilled veggies = 0
fresh basil = 0
Total = 215 calories per pizza

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Jenny said...

I love that it was out of desperation and they loved it. So smart.