'eat healthy' week


I am currently on a journey to health. On my (private) family blog I have been sharing small tips and hints to improve your health AND get kids to eat more healthy foods. 

 I thought I would break from pure craftiness and have a week dedicated to health on the Plucky Momo blog.  It's nothing major.  You can DO these things.  No training for a marathon. No juice diets.  Just a few tips and recipes from a non-expert.  I believe small changes make a HUGE difference.

So join me next week from July 23 - 27th for a bit of inspiration and tips. 

And on Saturday, July 28th you get to see a before and after photo of me at my fattest (oh, it's gunna be humiliating) and me now. 



Linda said...

Thank you for your site -- I just got out of the hospital yesterday after a high blood pressure scare. Found out that I'm borderline diabetic with a slightly elevated cholesterol level so your site couldn't have come to me (on Pinterest) at a better time. I left the hospital with a vow to myself to lose this weight and get healthier so thank you for the first step in this new journey of mine.

stevie kay said...

Yep! I'm excited.

Anonymous said...

This is great timing! I'm ready for some healthier eating.

Kristin said...

I'm excited for this. I could use some additional motivation. I have been eating like a hog for the last couple of weeks. But today is a new day. So far so good!

Stephanie said...

Looking forward to it! I've missed your other blog. I went looking for it a while back and was sad to see it had disappeared. :)

Anonymous said...

Coool :D