Teacher Gift 2012


This year I took a totally different approach to Teacher Gifts. I looked at a gazillion cute ideas on Pinterest and considered making another Teacher Clock like this one I made last year.

Then I called me friend who is a Kindergarten Teacher. I asked her what SHE would want to receive. Gift Cards? Candy? School supplies? No. No. No.

Her answer? Books.

Ella's teacher has an online ordering option through Scholastic and there is a Teacher wish list for books, but it was empty. I emailed our teacher and asked her to put some dream books into her Scholastic wish list. Then, Ella and I chose 3 or 4 that Ella thought looked super-fun.

Then I made a card. Something I felt would mean something to our wonderful Teacher. I wrote out prompts and Ella filled in the blanks. I made sure not to help her spell the words, so it was authentic and cute. Then we pasted a 4x6" picture of Ella and her teacher on the left hand side.

Ella drew a picture of Mrs. Bair on the front.

Inside the card we will tuck a little note, telling Mrs. Bair which books we purchased for her. I hope this gift will be both practical and meaningful.

Here's the blank printable.  It comes with both the script font seen above and this more solid font.  Just choose the one you want and print onto cardstock!

CLICK HERE to download.


libbywilko said...

Books are Such a great idea !

Something other than chocolate would be fantastic... when I was working as a teacher we used to get a lot of sweets especially as our end of school year was in Dec (here in Australia.

Thanks for sharing the printable.

Kristin said...

Awesome. I have nothing else to say. :-)

Christie said...

Very cute :)

Amy said...

Totally RAD! I'm using this. u r the most awesome Thank you.

(do you like my throw back to the 80's talk?)

Amy said...

As a reading teacher, I LOVE giving and receiving books! A classroom can never have enough! Love the printable too...

Unknown said...

Oh this is SO awesome. My youngest son's teacher actually gave me an idea as to what to get her as this past week I had sent a note in and when she wrote me back she asked where is it that I get all my cool envelopes & paper Ha. I said OH JACKPOT. SO I put in an order for her & plan on making her a little gift basket & I'm going to make this card to include THANK you SO much!

Unknown said...

That is the kind of thing my kiddos always want. However, when I tried to print it out, I was not able to print it without the thumbnail image on the side. Is there a way to do that so I don't have to cut it out?

Unknown said...

I figured it out. Not sure how, but it worked..:)

Emilie said...

campnlulu - You have to select PRINT from the PDF screen, not your browser. I have made that mistake before too! :)

stef et sa belette said...

many mnay thanks ! I put pictures on my website !

Anna said...

The link to your clock isn't working. :( Could you email me the correct link because I'd LOVE to make one for my daughter's teacher this year.

Thank you!

askannamoseley (at) hotmail (dot) com