Project Life Freebie Friday


This week's freebie is a cute little card with numbers that can be used for a number of themes. (Get it? A "number" of themes? Ba-dum-chh! )

1. Click the image below to enlarge image.
2. Right click the image and save to a folder you will remember.
3. Open a new Microsoft Word (or other word processing program) document.
4. Choose "insert" and select saved file.
5. Print onto card stock. Cut along edges.

Happy Project Life-ing!!!


libbywilko said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the red ! Thanks for a great card. You make terrific cards.

Deebi27 said...

Wow, I will make copies at work and make some fabulous number cards for the classroom...I am thinking numbers 0 - 20 in dots or some extra cute! I love color and if I love color I know my class will too. Color = fun times!!! Thanks!

Terry said...

Thank you for all of the beautiful freebies, I can't wait to use them.