Tutorial: Lace Lined Love Shirts


  For Valentine's Day this year I made lacy shirts for my girls to wear to school. It was very easy (in fact I sewed them both on Valentine's Day morning before school) and inexpensive. My girls LOVED them!

- One pink shirt
- 2-3 yards lace trim
- Sewing machine with white thread
- Marking pen

1. Use your marking pencil to draw a heart on the shirt front. Make sure it's not too wide since the lace will flow outward from the line.
Note: You may also print and then trace a heart pattern from clip art.
2. Fold under end of lace edging and place it on bottom tip of heart.
3. Sew with the edge of the lace just covering the line you drew - with the lace pointing outwards.
4. When you come to the bottom tip of the heart, turn under your edge and sew to the starting point.

5. You can stop there and have an outlined heart OR continue following the heart shape towards the middle of the heart until your tail of lace meets in the middle and tuck under end to finish.

Hope you have fun making these ALL year round and not just in February!

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