Kid's Musical Birthday or Party Favors


On Sunday our oldest daughter, Ella, turned 7. We had a fabulous weekend with a party, friends, food and excitement. Today I got to send a birthday favor to her class at school. In an effort to promote health we always send a non-food item.

I found mini recorders at K-Mart for $2.99 for a bag of 12. I grabbed some birthday themed confetti and headed home to get crafting.
I took a sandwich size ziplock baggie and used my sewing machine to sew it into thirds, creating three tall and narrow baggies. I then slipped a flute and confetti in each one and tied the top with curly present ribbon.
In Photoshop I made these circular tags and printed out the number we needed. During "The Oscars" I cut out each circle and attached it to the bag.
Voila! A cute, non-food, favor that everyone will enjoy (except the classmate's parents!)


Emily said...

Those are the cutest tags ever. You are awesome.

Jenny said...

Great idea! The kids will surely love them. The parents might hide them while they're sleeping though. Hahaha!