Graphic Design: Red Ballon Party


Yep. Sometimes I do graphic design work.
Especially when it is for family.
And especially when it is for adorable little nephews with crazy, curly blond hair and a love for Yo Gabba Gabba.
So when Oliver was turning two and my S-I-L, Michelle, asked if I could draw a cartoon of him and include the "red balloon" theme I was thrilled to take it on. She wanted a font that seemed loopy and string-like and she also requested a 2 in the string of the red balloon.

Here's the Save the Date card/Party Invite...(click to enlarge)

Part of the total cuteness was that Oliver wore a t-shirt to the party with this graphic silk-screened on it.  Crazy adorable!


Courtney said...

Super cute! What is the loopy font you used? It looks familiar. Kind of Giddyup or Little Days - but not exactly. You are SO talented!!!!

Emilie said...

The loopy font was LD Cotton Candy.

Amy said...

i want a custom made card too!!
creative, Awesome!

Aly said...

I came across your despicable me cupcakes on pintrest. So adorable!! I love your graphic design too. I had a question on where you got your darling font on all of your post headers? If you have time would you email me?

Jenny said...

Oh my freaking gosh. That is adorable. And you have mad skills.