Blogger vs. Typepad


I'm not gunna lie. The lure of Typepad is calling me.

Easier navigation.
Drop down menus.
Cleaner format.
Easier to post comments.

Do you have an opinion on Blogger vs. Typepad?


Veronica said...

Typepad. WordPress. yeah, they are pulling me as well. I've been with Blogger over 4 years, but I think it's time for a "change." I just don't wanna lose what I have. I just wanna make it BETTER! KWIM?
Please share when/if you make the change!!!

Johnna Moore said...

I love being able to go into Dashboard and follow all my favorite blogs in one place. I have been with Blogger for a few years now. I also like how it is connected to my gmail and facebook account all in one place, if you switch please post what you found out.

Lorna said...

I love wordpress - use it for the business website as well as for blogging etc.

It's very very user-friendly indeed.

Jill Norwood said...

I feel like making a change too but don't want to lose what I have already done in blogger-land. Would love to know what you find out as well....jillandstu at aol dot com
:) Thanks! Loving your freebies!!!!