Project Life 2012


i have the chic-est friends in the entire world. and while it makes me feel frumpy, i still love it. one of my chic friends is liz tamanaha.

she is the person solely responsible for making me stop turning my nose up at digital scrapbooking. i fall in love with her cool designs over and over again.

i follow liz's blog and have become seduced by her version of project life (a way of scrapbooking simply - created by becky higgins).

so, for christmas i asked for some supplies (much like liz's..because i copied her like that) and i am going to dip my toe into traditional scrapbooking again...on a very small scale.

i will be sharing my experience with this project here on the blog. i hope i can keep this minimalistic, chic and easy-peezy for me and really record the moments of life that are moving so quickly now. have to go and check out liz's project life posts.  so cool.

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Veronica said...

A couple of years ago, my P365 album was COMPLETELY DIGI!! I made mini 4x6 LO's and put them in the sleeves. REALLY simple and easy to keep up with!! Although I won't completely give up paper, I do enjoy the digi aspect every now and then!