Friday Feast: Taco Soup


 I got this recipe from a real Rancher I knew once. His parents ran a ranch and in the Summer they hired a gazillion Ranch hands to "run" the cattle. This recipe has been cut down by about 10 times, since Toby's mom made it for about 25 starving ranch-men. It has been a staple in our family ever since I got it...with a few changes of course.
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Next week I'll share my recipe for Vegetarian Taco Soup!


Jenny said...

Oh my. This looks delish! Maybe this is what I'll make for tonight. I would only need to pick up 3 things!

Lacy said...

Love your recipes! We make a soup very similar to this at home too, but we add a packet of ranch dip/dressing mix to the pot. It adds just a hint of flavor!

Jennifer said...

I'm trying this tonight :) I love recipes that don't have an ingredient list a mile long. And what a great story behind the recipe too :)