Flea Market Find


I was at our local Farmer's Market yesterday and spotted a flea market stand on the way out.  I was looking for a full sized rocking chair for the nursery and spotted one.  It was $50...too much for me. And then I saw this tucked way in the back.  An antique children's desk with swiveling seat, ink-well and open top.  Probably even more expensive than the rocking chair.
I asked how much. 
The answer?  Ten dollars. 

I tried to play it cool, but inside my head I was screaming...
are you Ca-Raze-Zay?!!
Yeah. I'll take it.

Seriously. Can you believe it?


Courtney said...

That's AMAZING!!! So stinking jealous of you right now!

Deanne said...

Oh no! My husband and I are chuckling out loud as our desks in elementary school looked just like this one. We must be antique, too :=) That makes us special, right?!

I absolutely love your blog as not only do you share wonderful ideas, darling pictures, but lots of spirit (personality wise, emotionally and spiritually!) Your posts always give me a lift and make me smile.

Thanks for sharing with us. And we do love the desk! So glad the price tag was just right, what a gift!

shannon said...

I love it! I would have absolutely lost my mind to get my hands on that desk, great job!

Anonymous said...

We had one of these in my house. I loved doing homework on it as a child. Be careful, if the seat is two pieces of wood and the base gets loose it will pinch your bum! take if from me! I got pinched plenty! Awesome find. wonder if it's our old one? if you see TB carved in it....well