Friday Feast: Chocolate Hazelnut Squares


This is another recipe that came into my life when I became an Ahern.  This is my husband's favorite dessert and he requests it each year on his birthday.  It is creamy, chocolaty and delicious.  It feels like you are eating a Nutella cloud...seriously. 

Matt's family calls this Tom Jones Cake because the original name had "sex" in the title and they unanimously decided that Tom Jones IS sex.  Therefore renaming the dessert and keeping their Mormon sensibilities in tact.

And can you blame them? This guy means business! 
(Yep, they're the coolest in-laws of all time.)

For printable recipe card:
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Designs by Sue Cummings said...

OH EMILIE!!! I think I have to try these! Going to PIN them to PINTEREST so I don't forget this!
Enjoy Summer! Sue

Unknown said...

This sounds delicious! Can't wait to see more of your posts!

Love your newest follower,

Ms. Private said...

ooh - growing up my mom made this for us with pecans & called it Robert Redford haha